About Us

Was born in the village of Hoi An and is also a farmer here, wishing to bring the culinary quintessence of local dishes as well as

Vietnamese specialties to tourists. Mr. Tri has studied and worked in restaurants and chef with 10 years of experience, he and his family now established their own cooking class in a beautiful vegetable village called Tra Que, to provide professional services and experiences. Practical for all guests.

Located in a beautiful location with a view of the vegetable garden. Spring Onion is an ideal stop for cooking classes and experiences of village life, you can harvest Vegetables and fruits are taken from the garden to serve cooking..we are committed to providing you with truly fresh and delicious local dishes with recipes created by myself.

Thank you very much for taking your time to join us. We are here to listen and serve you all.

We wish to become your companion once you set foot in Vietnam. Together with our team we will make your holiday be wonderful and unforgettable.

Let’s get started!